Wednesday, 3 July 2013

high flying

I travel a lot.

Like more than a normal teenager would in a year. So far in 2013, I have been to Cebu, Johannesburg, Goa, countless of trips to China and Macau, and soon Los Angeles. My first flight was when I was two months old! As a direct result of my constant travels, I've pretty much got the flying fashion down pat.

The most obvious and best tip fashion wise when flying, or travelling any which way for that matter, is to layer up.

trousers - Zara    crop top - Cotton On    denim shirt - Cotton On    backpack - from China    sneakers - H&M

This is usually what I pretty much look like when travelling, whether long-haul (6 hours+) or short-haul  (-6 hours) flights. My mom is an air hostess, so I do have stricter clothing regulations than most people, however this complies with even my strict outfit rules. I love carrying extra layers because if I'm cold, it'll keep me warm, or if I am not wearing it, I can bundle it up and make an extra pillow (because airplane pillows are horrible). Another tip I have is to try and wear your hair up during long-haul flights, because of the air in the cabin, your hair is going to get greasy and nasty. 

These pants, just I have no words for them. They look so smart, yet they feel like leggings because thats essentially what they are! They are a thicker material, which is great to travel in because it keeps you warm, and they can pass off as pants! There is quite a variety of styles for these, and I have about 3 pairs. Unfortunately, they don't come cheap, being $350-400 HKD a pair, however I suggest you go and grab them during the Zara sales! Another reason why I love wearing outfits like this on short-haul flights, is because it's perfect to wear after you get off the plane and want to go explore the new city. 

trousers - Zara    tank top - H&M    varsity jacket - H&M    sneakers - H&M    backpack - from China

I know most people prefer to wear sleeved items, however I prefer sleeveless, just because I usually travel to hot countries and once I get off the plane, it's a lot cooler than wearing full sleeves or half sleeves. Graphic tees are a really fun way to express your style when flying, because they are extremely comfortable and are just fun!

When flying, it's always a really good idea to wear comfortable shoes, because your feet will become swollen, especially during long flights. Go for shoes that are easy to slip on and off, even sandals or flip flops work if your airline allows it. 

pants - from India    tank top - H&M    scarf - from India    flatforms - from China

Loose fitting clothes are your best bet during flying, because as shocking as it is, you will sweat. And if you wear tight clothes, it's going to stick to your sweaty body, and the smell is going to last longer because tighter clothes mean less breathable fabrics and just ugh. Light weight clothes that are breathable and loose are going to ensure you stay as fresh as possible and comfortable. As funky as they are, harem pants are actually quite on trend this season and are extremely comfortable which is one of the reasons why I love wearing them when travelling. This is more of a long-haul flight outfit, just because it is a lot more casual and comfortable, however I could only wear this if I wasn't traveling on the airline my mom works for, so lucky you!

Scarves are a great alternative to jackets or sweaters, just because they have more fabric and give you more coverage. You can easily wrap a scarf around you like a shawl, or keep it around your neck, or even use it as a blanket if the one you got on the plane smelt weird. (As weird as this sounds, always smell your blankets when you get them, otherwise who knows whether it's clean or not. It's going near your skin, and often unclean blankets can increase acne, rash or just irritated skin. Trust me on this one.)

Also, avoid heels as much as possible when travelling, even if it is just a two hour flight. Like I mentioned before, your feet will swell when flying because of the cabin pressure and also because you are sitting still for a long time, so the blood in your feet isn't circulating as much (Don't trust me on the biology side of this, just trust me on the foot swelling thing). Flatforms like these are great because they give you a little bit of height if you are conscious about that. 

leggings - Giordano    tunic - my mother's    sneakers - H&M

I love button down tops to wear while flying, because they can be fully buttoned on board where it's chilly, and you can tie them up when you land to cool you down. What's great about this is that it looks so casual and comfortable, yet it does look smart at the same time. There isn't really that much to say about this outfit that I haven't mentioned in the others, so it's pretty much here for inspiration! Just remember to keep your clothes light weight.

If you hadn't noticed, I keep all my travelling outfits pretty simple in color. Try to only wear neutrals when flying, just because it makes you look more polished even if you are wearing something like leggings. If you want to have a bit more color, use accessories for that, like take a fun backpack or a brightly colored beanie. Try to steer clear of metal accessories and just pack that instead, it saves you a lot of time at security. 

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about guys! Boys, you pretty much have only two rules to follow. Number one, don't sag your pants too low, because you can get kicked off for it because it can be considered inappropriate. Number two, don't wear sweatpants. Actually, this applies to girls as well. NO SWEATPANTS WHEN FLYING, YOU LOOK LIKE A JOKER.

That's pretty much it for my travel fashion. Next post will be up sometime Sunday!


  1. Very helpful!! I also travel a lot and I'm actually leaving soon! Those pants don't happen to be a 11 in juniors would they? Lol you have gorgeous curves too!!

  2. Your outfits are so cute! I find this article very helpful!