Wednesday, 3 July 2013

high flying

I travel a lot.

Like more than a normal teenager would in a year. So far in 2013, I have been to Cebu, Johannesburg, Goa, countless of trips to China and Macau, and soon Los Angeles. My first flight was when I was two months old! As a direct result of my constant travels, I've pretty much got the flying fashion down pat.

The most obvious and best tip fashion wise when flying, or travelling any which way for that matter, is to layer up.

trousers - Zara    crop top - Cotton On    denim shirt - Cotton On    backpack - from China    sneakers - H&M

This is usually what I pretty much look like when travelling, whether long-haul (6 hours+) or short-haul  (-6 hours) flights. My mom is an air hostess, so I do have stricter clothing regulations than most people, however this complies with even my strict outfit rules. I love carrying extra layers because if I'm cold, it'll keep me warm, or if I am not wearing it, I can bundle it up and make an extra pillow (because airplane pillows are horrible). Another tip I have is to try and wear your hair up during long-haul flights, because of the air in the cabin, your hair is going to get greasy and nasty. 

These pants, just I have no words for them. They look so smart, yet they feel like leggings because thats essentially what they are! They are a thicker material, which is great to travel in because it keeps you warm, and they can pass off as pants! There is quite a variety of styles for these, and I have about 3 pairs. Unfortunately, they don't come cheap, being $350-400 HKD a pair, however I suggest you go and grab them during the Zara sales! Another reason why I love wearing outfits like this on short-haul flights, is because it's perfect to wear after you get off the plane and want to go explore the new city. 

trousers - Zara    tank top - H&M    varsity jacket - H&M    sneakers - H&M    backpack - from China

I know most people prefer to wear sleeved items, however I prefer sleeveless, just because I usually travel to hot countries and once I get off the plane, it's a lot cooler than wearing full sleeves or half sleeves. Graphic tees are a really fun way to express your style when flying, because they are extremely comfortable and are just fun!

When flying, it's always a really good idea to wear comfortable shoes, because your feet will become swollen, especially during long flights. Go for shoes that are easy to slip on and off, even sandals or flip flops work if your airline allows it. 

pants - from India    tank top - H&M    scarf - from India    flatforms - from China

Loose fitting clothes are your best bet during flying, because as shocking as it is, you will sweat. And if you wear tight clothes, it's going to stick to your sweaty body, and the smell is going to last longer because tighter clothes mean less breathable fabrics and just ugh. Light weight clothes that are breathable and loose are going to ensure you stay as fresh as possible and comfortable. As funky as they are, harem pants are actually quite on trend this season and are extremely comfortable which is one of the reasons why I love wearing them when travelling. This is more of a long-haul flight outfit, just because it is a lot more casual and comfortable, however I could only wear this if I wasn't traveling on the airline my mom works for, so lucky you!

Scarves are a great alternative to jackets or sweaters, just because they have more fabric and give you more coverage. You can easily wrap a scarf around you like a shawl, or keep it around your neck, or even use it as a blanket if the one you got on the plane smelt weird. (As weird as this sounds, always smell your blankets when you get them, otherwise who knows whether it's clean or not. It's going near your skin, and often unclean blankets can increase acne, rash or just irritated skin. Trust me on this one.)

Also, avoid heels as much as possible when travelling, even if it is just a two hour flight. Like I mentioned before, your feet will swell when flying because of the cabin pressure and also because you are sitting still for a long time, so the blood in your feet isn't circulating as much (Don't trust me on the biology side of this, just trust me on the foot swelling thing). Flatforms like these are great because they give you a little bit of height if you are conscious about that. 

leggings - Giordano    tunic - my mother's    sneakers - H&M

I love button down tops to wear while flying, because they can be fully buttoned on board where it's chilly, and you can tie them up when you land to cool you down. What's great about this is that it looks so casual and comfortable, yet it does look smart at the same time. There isn't really that much to say about this outfit that I haven't mentioned in the others, so it's pretty much here for inspiration! Just remember to keep your clothes light weight.

If you hadn't noticed, I keep all my travelling outfits pretty simple in color. Try to only wear neutrals when flying, just because it makes you look more polished even if you are wearing something like leggings. If you want to have a bit more color, use accessories for that, like take a fun backpack or a brightly colored beanie. Try to steer clear of metal accessories and just pack that instead, it saves you a lot of time at security. 

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about guys! Boys, you pretty much have only two rules to follow. Number one, don't sag your pants too low, because you can get kicked off for it because it can be considered inappropriate. Number two, don't wear sweatpants. Actually, this applies to girls as well. NO SWEATPANTS WHEN FLYING, YOU LOOK LIKE A JOKER.

That's pretty much it for my travel fashion. Next post will be up sometime Sunday!

Monday, 1 July 2013

how to : dress for the summer

SUMMER IS UPON US! PRAISE THE WEATHER GODS! Hong Kong has been MISERABLE for ages and ages, with just constant rain and fog. It's finally beginning to become the hot, sunny and intolerably humid city we all know and love.

Of course with the summer season rapidly approaching, you're gonna be feeling hot and sticky and will want to wear as little clothing as possible. Now some body types can easily pull off just wearing a tank top and short shorts (I'm looking at you skinny girls and am very jealous). But when you have curves like I do, it tends to be a bit too scandalous.

See what I mean?

During hot weather, shorts are a given. It's a necessity, whether they are short shorts or capris, you have to have them. What you should know is that regardless of your body type, high waisted shorts are gonna be your new best friend. If you are super tall and skinny, they are gonna make your legs go on and on and on. Curvy girls, don't worry, your booty WILL be covered in high waisted shorts and since they are high waisted your curves are going to be extremely accentuated. For my girls who have a more athletic body type, high waisted shorts are gonna give off the illusion of curves and compliment your shape at the same time.

Targeting curvy girls here right now, you don't want to wear tight tops with high waisted shorts especially if they are short like mine, because once again, it's just going to be too scandalous. Try going for looser, flowy shirts, which will also keep you cool, much like the one I have on above.

Another lovely staple in my summer wardrobe and also should be in yours, are short swingy dresses. (Please note, I said swingY and not actually a swing dress because they are usually a really thick material and you will sweat a lot in them if you wear them in the summer.)

This strappy number is actually my mom's from the '80s. What I love about dresses in the summer time is that they look good on everyone. I personally don't think there is really any rule about what type of dress suits a certain body type when it comes to summer dresses. A skater dress can look just as good on a curvy girl as compared to one a slim girl. I will say that you most definitely should be wearing light weight dresses that are not bodycon! Save your bodycon dresses for the evening, when you know you are going to be somewhere with air-con. 

I'm going to Los Angeles this summer, where it does tend to get a little cooler during the evenings. As a result, I have to wear something that will keep me cool in the day and warm in the night, which is where leggings come in. I, for one, get extremely jealous when I see girls just rocking leggings in this weather, while I feel extremely silly when I do. Leggings as pants, in general, is a no-no but in HK weather and how often you will probably go to malls to take refuge and hog the air-con, sometimes you need to wear leggings. So, I suggest a good pair of leggings that are opaque (so you don't let everyone know the color of your panties) yet still light weight. Giordano is my go-to for good quality leggings that are wearable in the summer!

I feel in Hong Kong especially, it's a growing trend among teenagers to wear short shirts with leggings, that are usually pretty loose and show off their arms/shoulders/abs since they have covered their bottom half. This applies in my opinion, for thinner girls because it hangs on their body types a lot better than it would on a curvy girl. This is honestly just because of their leg shape, but it shouldn't stop you from trying this out.

If you are a curvy girl and want to start wearing leggings in the summer, follow the common fashion rule, which is make sure your top covers your crotch. No one wants to see camel toe. What I have one is a top that has extremely low cut arm holes, like it's literally down to my belly button. These type of tops are usually a lot longer, and quite trendy at the moment, which makes them perfect to wear with leggings. Since they have really large arm holes, you can keep cool, and since they are quite long, all your bits and pieces are covered! Another little fun detail with these types of tops is that you can wear really fun bras/bralettes/bandeaus inside. The one I have on is this bright neon lime colored, which gives my monochromatic outfit a little buzz. These low cut tops are really great on all body types, because it hangs off your body perfectly.

Leggings during the summer are actually really great during bipolar weather, when it may rain or it may not. Considering the horrendous weather we've been having, I'm going to be in leggings as often as possible (i.e. only when my shorts are in the wash).

I feel like lace isn't going to go out of fashion anytime soon, because it is such a versatile fabric and can easily go from day to night. A little tip I have for changing summer outfits from day to night is switching the color of your denim. If you see above, the lighter denim shorts I have on is a lot more day time, while the black denim shorts instantly look more edgy and night time-ish. 

One of the main reasons why I like to wear lace in the summer is because since it's such a revealing fabric, it's a lot cooler in this weather. Another is because of how interchangeable it is, in the sense that you can dress it down and up. Hong Kong is a busy place, and so are it's inhabitants, which is why having certain pieces and fabrics in your wardrobe that can go from day to night is extremely beneficial and can save you so much time.

Well, that's it for my summer outfit tips! I hope you guys all have an amazing summer, whether you are travelling or staying in Hong Kong.

P.S. This post was actually supposed to be up like two weeks ago, but for some reason it didn't publish. So, there's going to be a fairly short interval in between this post and the next one which will be up on Wednesday!

Friday, 26 April 2013

7 tips for holiday outfits

Hey guys, so I don't know about you but when ever I travel (which is very often) I have no idea what to bring! I always end up either overpacking and taking all this useless conservative clothes that I think I will wear, but never do. ORRR I'll find myself without enough clothes, once I nearly ran out of underwear!

Anyway, below are just a few pictures of what my cousin, my sister and I have worn during our holiday in Goa, and I hope it will serve as some inspiration. I'll also be including a couple tips below so keep on reading!

TOP TIP 1 : Lace shirts over you bikinis are so cute and so easy. Sheer tops look great as well, although for my larger chested ladies, I suggest you wear a monokini and a sheer top, just to keep everything secure.

TOP TIP 2 : Short shorts (only in non-conservative places)! These are your best friends. Not only do they come in so many different styles like high waisted, distressed, patterned, etc, they also make your legs look amazing.

TOP TIP 3 : Crop tops! This is actually a no brainer. Crop tops are big this year, tight ones, loose ones, lace ones, leather ones, they are just blowing up. If you are a bit hesitant to show off skin, go for looser boxy crop tops to try out first and see how you feel. The blue top I'm wearing above is actually my moms from the 80's, it's actually cropped in the back to about where your bra line would start/end and I just folded up the front over here.

TOP TIP 4 : So in Goa, clubbing underage is pretty much a relaxed rule. So is driving... it's really chill there. Anyway, most of the time when you are on holiday, don't go over board with your clubbing outfits! Keep it plain and have at least one stand out item. My cousin and my sister obviously went for the light up bows while I went for my studded shorts.

TOP TIP 5 : There are creeps everywhere. When you wear a skirt, specifically one that may be on the shorter side (higher than where your middle finger reaches on your leg) try to wear spandex/cycling/booty shorts underneath, just as a precaution. Also if you are out dancing the night away, you don't want to be flashing everyone. Even if you do, please don't, no one else enjoys it ;)

TOP TIP 6 : Heels are overrated on holiday. Firstly they take up so much space when packing, and they hurt after a while, so trust me when I say sandals are your new best friends. There are quite fun ones as well, gladiator sandals, beaded sandals, you'll be sure to find one that you like and matches most of your outfits.

And lastly because I don't want to post any bikini pictures up here, my last and final tip;

TOP TIP 7 : Try on your bikinis before you go on holiday. You don't wont to get there, put your bikini on and find your boobs and butt spilling out in all different directions, so definitely try on all your bikinis and pack the ones you look best in!

So guys, I hope you will be able to get some use of out of my tips, summer is coming pretty soon! I just got my first pair of disco pants, which you can see below, and once I get my camera fixed I'll be posting a lookbook on them hopefully so keep your eye out for that!

Friday, 8 February 2013

bipolar weather ootd

Hong Kong weather has been extremely bipolar nowadays, being hot in the beginning of the week and much colder towards the end. Anyway, here is a quick little OOTD of what I wore to dinner the other day, so I guess it would be an OOTN then....

 turtleneck crop top : topshop  crochet skirt : forever 21   leather sleeve jacket : cotton on   bag : H&M

Keeping in mind the monochromatic trend for the upcoming spring season, the only pop of color in this outfit was the neon bag. I do love monochrome and can't wait for spring to come. I'm off to South Africa in two days, so I won't be posting, however expect a lot when I come back!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

model diaries : runway tips

Runway modeling is not for everyone, that's the hard truth. There's this pretty much unbreakable rule where only models who are 5'10 and above, stick thin and gorgeous are allowed to walk the runway. But honestly, that shouldn't stop you. If you really truly want to be a runway model, go for it. There are exceptions to every rule. Kate Moss was 5'6 and worked as a print and runway model, Twiggy in the 60's set the record of being the shortest runway model at 5'4 before being over thrown by Devon Aoki who is 5'3. Each of these women have one thing in common that made them famous runway models. Confidence.

First rule of runway modeling or when you are breaking into it, always carry yourself with confidence. It makes you look taller than you actually are and makes you look powerful. Try it out, walk around for a couple days with your shoulders down and back, as posture is so so important in runway, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is. In just a small change, you look like a completely different person, standing tall and straight can seriously change how confident you look as well as your overall image.

Another really important tip when walking the runway is to keep your eyes focused at a point in the distance. This makes you look aloof but strong, plus it helps distract yourself from the bright lights that will be on you. 

Something I learnt while on a casting is when you get to the end of a runway, you are expected to pose 2 - 3 times for 3 seconds each. After that, step back on one foot and essentially doing a half pose, turn and continue your sassy strut. In doing so, you are eliminating most chances of falling while you turn, as you are distributing most of your weight into your back leg. 

So if you are at home with big dreams and aspirations to become a runway model, get up and practice. Runway walking is almost always done in heels, so throw on a pair (which will also help you get used to walking in heels if you already aren't) and walk up and down your house. Throw your shoulders back, lean back slightly with your hips slightly pushed forward, and walk taking long strides. Try to not swing your arms like a crazy person, and don't over exaggerate the movements, it should be very natural. And of course, if you want any more help, there are tutorial videos up on YouTube (what tutorials aren't up there?!) and I'm always happy to answer any questions.

To desire is to obtain; to aspire is to achieve. - James Allen

Much like this blog, it started with my desire to share what I know. My journey through it are my aspirations to success. If you have a desire to start modeling, do it. And when you truly aspire for it, you'll get it.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

hair growth : tips and tricks

I have the biggest ego when it comes to my hair. I love my hair, it can't be helped. However I get hair envy, especially when I see my sister's natural hair, which is very true to typical Indian hair; long, thick, big, and wavy. Mine on the other hand is hybrid hair, I ended up with thinner and pin straight hair that luckily looks good when I wake up. Being an Indian-Chinese mix, I got the typical Chinese hair type, but strengthened with the thickness of Indian hair.

I get a lot of compliments on my hair and it's quality, which I'm proud of because I do try to take care of my hair. One of the biggest questions I get asked is how it has grown so long so quickly, so I thought today I would share how with you.

I cut my hair in the summer of 2010, to about chin length with bangs and layers. Not good. Here's a picture if you don't believe me, and this was on a good hair day.

Since then, it's been 2 and 1/2 years to get it to this length, that involves my various trims and all the things I did to my poor hair. It could have been much longer by now, but the story will be after the picture.

Now my hair is about waist length, and could have been much longer. I worked with Toni&Guy in April last year where they dyed my hair ginger. You couldn't tell where my forehead ended and my hair started, it was that gingery/brown color. To this day, even though they dyed it back to black, I have some ginger streaks all over my head, and there is a separation between where my natural hair color has grown out, and where the two dyes have faded. Dying my hair really affected my hair quality and the rate it was growing at, which used to be much faster. 

So TIP #1 : Don't dye your whole head. It dries out your hair, and makes it brittle and straw like. Excessive hair dying will pretty much help you get bald fast, because of all the chemicals that you are using. Dyeing in moderation, go for it. 

TIP #2 : If you do dye your hair in moderation, please please please use hair masks every so often. Even if you haven't dyed your hair but find you hair is looking flat and lifeless, go to a salon and ask them to give you a hair mask. The process only takes about half an hour, but you will be so happy with the outcome. Hair masks revitalizes you hair, giving it shine and bounce and it has a lot of nutrients that will leave you with healthy hair. 

If you don't like the salon, you can always DIY a hair mask at home. You may have heard of people putting mayonaise or raw eggs in their hair, which in truth does work. Check out this link which has other DIY hair mask recipes if you want to try it out at home. One thing I will say is to use cling foil/saran wrap and wrap your hair up just to keep the mask in your hair longer. CLICK 

TIP #3 : Go for monthly or bi-monthly trims. I've for some reason had trims twice a month sometimes, which doesn't help with hair growth, however getting a trim every month or so helps keep your hair sleek as it gets rid of split ends as well.

TIP #4 : Go heat-less. That means say good bye to your blowdryer, flat iron and curling iron and let your hair dry by itself. If you absolutely must for whatever reason have pin straight hair or curly hair, use a heat protectant spray before using your hot tools and go heatless for at least a week after.

TIP #5 : Have a balanced and well rounded diet. Make sure you are getting enough fats, iron, zinc, protein and vitamin C and B in your diet. Hair is made up of protein, and not getting enough can leave your hair lifeless and will take longer to grow. Healthy protein to include in your diet are lean meats, fish and nuts.  Iron and zinc help prevent hair loss, so get your fill from by having bananas (iron) and peanut butter (zinc) every so often. Vitamin C is what makes your hair nice and glossy and without it, you will find your hair more prone to damage and breakage, so eat your citrus fruits and even peppers. Vitamin B helps against hair loss and has been known to help speed up hair growth, and can be added in your diet by having seafood, spinach and other green vegetables.

TIP #6 : Don't brush your hair when it's wet and don't sleep when your hair is wet. I've just started following the no brushing when wet and it has helped a lot. When your hair is wet, it's a lot more sensitive and prone to being pulled out. When you sleep or brush your hair when it's wet, you are losing a lot more hair than you usually would. Wait for it to dry, and then brush. And before sleeping, tie your hair in a braid to prevent it from breaking in your sleep.

TIP #7 : Wash your hair every other day. This keeps your hair healthy and keeps the natural and essential oils your scalp produces for healthy hair and improves the quality and growth rate of your hair.

TIP #8: Being Indian, I've been subjected to using oil in my hair every so often, particularly India's favorite Parachute Coconut Oil. I use it maybe twice a year, and it helps my hair stay strong and shiny, as well as nourishing my scalp which increases my hair growth. I only recently started using coconut oil again, after refusing to for 2 years, and after using it last weekend, I can say there has been a difference. Using coconut oil in your hair helps the texture of your hair as well, but make sure you sit with it in your hair for about 2 hours for maximum long term results. I have also used Moroccan oil which works wonders, and to prevent split ends I've used argan oil on the ends of my hair. 

Argan oil also helps with eyelash growth, just incase you have been blessed with short eyelashes much like I have. Aloe vera gel and Vaseline works as well, and can always be used in place of argan oil to prevent split ends in your hair.

That's all the tips I have, do tell me if you have used or try out some of these tips and let me know your experience. 

Thursday, 31 January 2013

how to : wear leather skirts

This post is all about how to wear leather skirts! Now leather skirts can be quite daunting, but they are so extremely versatile! You can dress them up, down, they are kinda like jeans only in skirt form but they aren't denim skirts.... they're leather. End rambling. 
So my skirt in question is this lovely little black zippered number by H&M which is no longer being sold unfortunately, but no worries because American Apparel does a very similar version minus the zipper and in so many more colors! (link) Please excuse my nakedness and keep reading if you want to know how to style a leather skirt! 
Also please excuse the perpetual one blurred image, I take my pictures myself in my room and my camera has been acting a bit silly recently. 
One of my favorite ways to wear a leather skirt is with a bodysuit. Bodysuits are those awkward leotards with the snap closures down there and they can be a bit scary to pick up, but I highly recommend that every girl should own at least 1. I'm a bit bodysuit crazy and have 3... H&M is selling lovely ones in 5 colors including black and white for a great bargain of $80HKD. In my last post about my shoot, I wore another black bodysuit with this skirt actually. I love this combination, it's so simple and fast and looks extremely fashion forward. 

This styling idea and the next one are a lot more relaxed and are ideas on how to make a leather skirt look more casual. One of the simplest ways is just by throwing on a graphic tee which is always in fashion, you can literally buy them anywhere. I cut the sleeves off this top, it was featured in my DIY post a while back, and thought that the colors and the sleeveless-ness just made the outfit casual and edgy. 

Denim on leather looks amazing, as a top fully buttoned or even as an extra layer. For this casual outfit, I put on a simple baseball shirt, from H&M because in Hong Kong we don't really have like school sports gear for fans or whatever.

This outfit is to show that you can wear prints with leather as well. Now this is my hippie shirt (thats why I did the stupidest pose possible) which I actually nicked from my sister and cut off the elastic from the sleeves. It's from F21, a couple years old now but still quite cute. This top is a lovely jubly paisley and rose printed top with blues and greens and red, but all on a sheer black background. Because of the black base, I can pair it with the leather skirt and it looks very streamlined and cohesive. When wearing prints, find the base color of your print, especially if it's loud, and compliment your print by wearing the base color, it will make the print stand out a lot more. 

Don't like formfitting? Not a problem. This here is a lovely cropped sweater from F21 which I love but my sister hates, but oh well. I tucked a corner of it into the side of my skirt, just to make the sweater look asymmetrical, but you can always leave it untucked. 

And if it's slightly chillier in your parts of the world, yet you want to try the leather skirt trend, pair it with a sweater! The one I have on is this creamy beige spiked one from Bershka, the sister store for Zara. Wearing sweaters with a leather skirt is still very casual but trendy.

So I hope you enjoyed that, and got some ideas on how you can wear your leather skirt and if you don't have one, to run out and pick one up ASAP. I know I always say this, but I plan on posting more often, and I'm gonna restart my Model Diaries again so keep your eyes out for that.