Friday, 26 April 2013

7 tips for holiday outfits

Hey guys, so I don't know about you but when ever I travel (which is very often) I have no idea what to bring! I always end up either overpacking and taking all this useless conservative clothes that I think I will wear, but never do. ORRR I'll find myself without enough clothes, once I nearly ran out of underwear!

Anyway, below are just a few pictures of what my cousin, my sister and I have worn during our holiday in Goa, and I hope it will serve as some inspiration. I'll also be including a couple tips below so keep on reading!

TOP TIP 1 : Lace shirts over you bikinis are so cute and so easy. Sheer tops look great as well, although for my larger chested ladies, I suggest you wear a monokini and a sheer top, just to keep everything secure.

TOP TIP 2 : Short shorts (only in non-conservative places)! These are your best friends. Not only do they come in so many different styles like high waisted, distressed, patterned, etc, they also make your legs look amazing.

TOP TIP 3 : Crop tops! This is actually a no brainer. Crop tops are big this year, tight ones, loose ones, lace ones, leather ones, they are just blowing up. If you are a bit hesitant to show off skin, go for looser boxy crop tops to try out first and see how you feel. The blue top I'm wearing above is actually my moms from the 80's, it's actually cropped in the back to about where your bra line would start/end and I just folded up the front over here.

TOP TIP 4 : So in Goa, clubbing underage is pretty much a relaxed rule. So is driving... it's really chill there. Anyway, most of the time when you are on holiday, don't go over board with your clubbing outfits! Keep it plain and have at least one stand out item. My cousin and my sister obviously went for the light up bows while I went for my studded shorts.

TOP TIP 5 : There are creeps everywhere. When you wear a skirt, specifically one that may be on the shorter side (higher than where your middle finger reaches on your leg) try to wear spandex/cycling/booty shorts underneath, just as a precaution. Also if you are out dancing the night away, you don't want to be flashing everyone. Even if you do, please don't, no one else enjoys it ;)

TOP TIP 6 : Heels are overrated on holiday. Firstly they take up so much space when packing, and they hurt after a while, so trust me when I say sandals are your new best friends. There are quite fun ones as well, gladiator sandals, beaded sandals, you'll be sure to find one that you like and matches most of your outfits.

And lastly because I don't want to post any bikini pictures up here, my last and final tip;

TOP TIP 7 : Try on your bikinis before you go on holiday. You don't wont to get there, put your bikini on and find your boobs and butt spilling out in all different directions, so definitely try on all your bikinis and pack the ones you look best in!

So guys, I hope you will be able to get some use of out of my tips, summer is coming pretty soon! I just got my first pair of disco pants, which you can see below, and once I get my camera fixed I'll be posting a lookbook on them hopefully so keep your eye out for that!