Sunday, 3 February 2013

model diaries : runway tips

Runway modeling is not for everyone, that's the hard truth. There's this pretty much unbreakable rule where only models who are 5'10 and above, stick thin and gorgeous are allowed to walk the runway. But honestly, that shouldn't stop you. If you really truly want to be a runway model, go for it. There are exceptions to every rule. Kate Moss was 5'6 and worked as a print and runway model, Twiggy in the 60's set the record of being the shortest runway model at 5'4 before being over thrown by Devon Aoki who is 5'3. Each of these women have one thing in common that made them famous runway models. Confidence.

First rule of runway modeling or when you are breaking into it, always carry yourself with confidence. It makes you look taller than you actually are and makes you look powerful. Try it out, walk around for a couple days with your shoulders down and back, as posture is so so important in runway, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is. In just a small change, you look like a completely different person, standing tall and straight can seriously change how confident you look as well as your overall image.

Another really important tip when walking the runway is to keep your eyes focused at a point in the distance. This makes you look aloof but strong, plus it helps distract yourself from the bright lights that will be on you. 

Something I learnt while on a casting is when you get to the end of a runway, you are expected to pose 2 - 3 times for 3 seconds each. After that, step back on one foot and essentially doing a half pose, turn and continue your sassy strut. In doing so, you are eliminating most chances of falling while you turn, as you are distributing most of your weight into your back leg. 

So if you are at home with big dreams and aspirations to become a runway model, get up and practice. Runway walking is almost always done in heels, so throw on a pair (which will also help you get used to walking in heels if you already aren't) and walk up and down your house. Throw your shoulders back, lean back slightly with your hips slightly pushed forward, and walk taking long strides. Try to not swing your arms like a crazy person, and don't over exaggerate the movements, it should be very natural. And of course, if you want any more help, there are tutorial videos up on YouTube (what tutorials aren't up there?!) and I'm always happy to answer any questions.

To desire is to obtain; to aspire is to achieve. - James Allen

Much like this blog, it started with my desire to share what I know. My journey through it are my aspirations to success. If you have a desire to start modeling, do it. And when you truly aspire for it, you'll get it.


  1. great advice! it is unfair though how us short folk can't get into the modelling business as easily x

    1. Thanks, yeah it's a real pain. I'm 5'7 literally just making the cut, and I love runway but can't do it. I hope you have success though! x