Thursday, 31 January 2013

how to : wear leather skirts

This post is all about how to wear leather skirts! Now leather skirts can be quite daunting, but they are so extremely versatile! You can dress them up, down, they are kinda like jeans only in skirt form but they aren't denim skirts.... they're leather. End rambling. 
So my skirt in question is this lovely little black zippered number by H&M which is no longer being sold unfortunately, but no worries because American Apparel does a very similar version minus the zipper and in so many more colors! (link) Please excuse my nakedness and keep reading if you want to know how to style a leather skirt! 
Also please excuse the perpetual one blurred image, I take my pictures myself in my room and my camera has been acting a bit silly recently. 
One of my favorite ways to wear a leather skirt is with a bodysuit. Bodysuits are those awkward leotards with the snap closures down there and they can be a bit scary to pick up, but I highly recommend that every girl should own at least 1. I'm a bit bodysuit crazy and have 3... H&M is selling lovely ones in 5 colors including black and white for a great bargain of $80HKD. In my last post about my shoot, I wore another black bodysuit with this skirt actually. I love this combination, it's so simple and fast and looks extremely fashion forward. 

This styling idea and the next one are a lot more relaxed and are ideas on how to make a leather skirt look more casual. One of the simplest ways is just by throwing on a graphic tee which is always in fashion, you can literally buy them anywhere. I cut the sleeves off this top, it was featured in my DIY post a while back, and thought that the colors and the sleeveless-ness just made the outfit casual and edgy. 

Denim on leather looks amazing, as a top fully buttoned or even as an extra layer. For this casual outfit, I put on a simple baseball shirt, from H&M because in Hong Kong we don't really have like school sports gear for fans or whatever.

This outfit is to show that you can wear prints with leather as well. Now this is my hippie shirt (thats why I did the stupidest pose possible) which I actually nicked from my sister and cut off the elastic from the sleeves. It's from F21, a couple years old now but still quite cute. This top is a lovely jubly paisley and rose printed top with blues and greens and red, but all on a sheer black background. Because of the black base, I can pair it with the leather skirt and it looks very streamlined and cohesive. When wearing prints, find the base color of your print, especially if it's loud, and compliment your print by wearing the base color, it will make the print stand out a lot more. 

Don't like formfitting? Not a problem. This here is a lovely cropped sweater from F21 which I love but my sister hates, but oh well. I tucked a corner of it into the side of my skirt, just to make the sweater look asymmetrical, but you can always leave it untucked. 

And if it's slightly chillier in your parts of the world, yet you want to try the leather skirt trend, pair it with a sweater! The one I have on is this creamy beige spiked one from Bershka, the sister store for Zara. Wearing sweaters with a leather skirt is still very casual but trendy.

So I hope you enjoyed that, and got some ideas on how you can wear your leather skirt and if you don't have one, to run out and pick one up ASAP. I know I always say this, but I plan on posting more often, and I'm gonna restart my Model Diaries again so keep your eyes out for that. 


  1. I have this skirt =D Love the different ways you wear it - it looks especially good with the blue bodysuit, so cute! Awesome inspiration for how to wear mine!
    Following you now =D
    PS: Here's how I've worn mine:

  2. You look amazing in your skirt.... very very sexy..... Have you tried paring it with a leather vest or jacket? Do you have leather pants?