Wednesday, 16 January 2013

70th Golden Globes Fashion Round up

So incase you weren't aware, the Golden Globes took place this week. It being awards season, there is going to be an avalanche of amazing fashion, so do look out on other blogs for those roundups. So let's get straight into it!

I honestly think Helen Mirren can do no wrong. Not only is she funny, but she carries herself with class  and has an impeccable fashion taste. She is honestly dressing better than most of the younger celebs! What's amazing about this Badgley Mischka gown on her is that it is still modern but at the same time very smart which fully encompasses Helen Mirren. 

Who doesn't love J-Law. She is so funny and so beautiful. I love the lighter hair color on her, she looked best as a blonde, not so great as a brunette, but this honey toned brown is just perfect. This rosy red looks absolutely fantastic on her skin tone, and I love the metal belt she added as well as her box clutch. 

Michelle Dockery looks just flawless in this Alexander McQueen gown. Her short hair is perfectly styled for this high necked gown, and just no words. She looks amazing. 

Jennifer Lopez is one of the sexiest people in Hollywood, and she knows it. I honestly do love this, the lace over nude is a great optical illusion, and this dress looks like it was made for her. Like when Zuhair Murad was designing this, he was just thinking, this dress is for Jennifer Lopez. 

One of my favorites of the night, this is what the Golden Globes is about. Amy Adams looks so stunning, blush colors always suit her. I love the hair, it's quite retro, but the gown is just breath taking. The mermaid silhouette looks incredible on her, this entire gown is just incredible.

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors. One of the best and my favorites. Hands down, clear fashion winner. 

I love Kate Hudson, but I did not love her gown. This was quite a love/hate dress with the critics, I was not on the love side. The high neck is what put me off. It just doesn't work. Sorry Kate, better luck next time. 

Not to say that Adele looked bad, she looks really good post-pregnancy. I just feel that this is all we ever see out of Adele's fashion choices, the long black gowns with the embellished neckline. It gets boring.

Nicole Kidman's gown would have been spectacular with out the weird polka dot see through panels on the side. It just totally ruins the gown. 

Kelly Osbourne is a beautiful woman, I adore her purple hair. I do not adore the gown, it looks like someone crumpled up a blanket on the bottom half and the top looks quite rumpled along the bust. For someone who is on FashionPolice, Kelly could have done better.

I love this color on everyone, and Jennifer Garner is no exception. She had the right amount of accessories, and looks fantastic. Only fault was on the bust, it looks like there was way too much fabric. 

Jessica Alba is radiant. She looks ethereal and this gown is simply amazing. What put me off was that heinous clutch she decided to bring. 

Funny ladies Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who were also the hosts, looked so good through out the entire night. Above was one of my favorites of the night. 

Well that's it for now lovelies. Until next time.

xoxo gossip girl

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