Monday, 3 December 2012

clockenflapping : ootd's

Hellllllllo lovelies,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, life is super hectic. 
In the few past weeks I attended the 24 Hour Race where I accomplished 25 km. Also I have been playing rugby, finishing off my personal project, working on NEW projects for this blog, keeping up with tv shows, and all that lovely stuff. BUT this post is all about what I wore for Clockenflap.

Now Clockenflap is a music and art festival here in Hong Kong, similar to the lines of Coachella and Glastonbury, but more hipstery. It was a lot of fun, I GOT TO SEE AZEALIA BANKS LIVE AND I WAS RIGHT AT THE FRONT! highlight of my life.

Anyway, here are the details of my outfits!

Day One
Pants : H&M
Black leotard : H&M
Denim shirt : A||Z
-not shown-
World Map bag : China
Black tennis shoes : H&M

Day Two
Leather jacket : custom made
Gold shirt : Zara
Printed shorts : H&M - Fashion Against Aids
-not shown-
World Map bag
Leather studded ankle boots : China

Sorry for the shorrrrt post, will be updating more soon, promise!

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  1. I need to say that, great leggings ! and I envy you participation on such a unique event ;))